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Guttering Drainage Installation & Repair Services.

GC property maintenance has a wealth of experience in working in partnership with restaurants, cafes, shops and commercial premises to ensure that drainage and plumbing problems are resolved as quickly as possible.


Many businesses suffer from the problem of blocked drains, restaurants and kitchens operated by commercial customers are particularly prone to blocked drains and pipe problems caused by fat, grease and food debris. Where this affects water drainage or supply to equipment such as dishwashers then the result can cause serious problems to functional operation and health.

One option would be to include regular drainage and gutter inspections as part of a Drainage & Guttering Services Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme in which case our experienced plumbers, electricians and maintenance engineers could help prevent serious issues occurring in the first place.


Flooding often causes considerable damage to property due to unforeseen effects of climate and weather. Damage can range from a flooded room or basement from leak or drainage problems, or from river flooding. GC Reactive Services have the necessary expertise provided by experienced builders, electricians and drainage experts to carry out flooding repairs necessary for your property or commercial building..

Removing water: After a flood it is important to remove the water which has not only the potential to foul your building, causing damp damage, mould and other dangers but the water presence and pressure can damage the structural integrity of walls and surfaces. GC can ensure that flood water is quicly removed and necessary steps taken to ensure the integrity of walls and floors that may have been affected by the emergency.

Electrical Considerations: Floodwater or water damage of any kind in contact with electrical items can also become a dangerous and serious issue also any electrical appliance that has been in contact with floodwater must be checked out by a qualified reputable electrician before use. GC Services ensure that our electricians are fully registered with a competent qualification schemes such as with NICEIC certification.

Flood Repair Work: After a flood, it is likely that your property insurer will cover the costs of damage. It is worth considering protecting your home against further floods. Such considerations will have long term benefits in reducing costs incurred in the event of future flooding. Options to consider include:

  • Raising electrical sockets.
  • Having non-return valves fitted in drains and water inlet pipes.
  • Replacing wooden window and door frames and with materials such as UPVC or coated metal.
  • Moving heating systems to safe heights above or away from possible water damage.



GC Services can provide drain repairs to external drain covers, soil pipes or downpipes. Providing high pressure water jetting for industrial or commercial properties. Our drainage experts will commence work once you have been given a free survey, quote and estimate of timescale.

In certain circumstances it can be external collapsed sewer that are causing problems within a building. In certain cases a CCTV inspection and drainage survey can be provided prior to any work to ensure that resources are directed at the main cause of the problem.


Should excavation and rebuild of collapsed drains be required, GC Property Services work to the highest standards of health and safety and are registered as a Safe Contractor accredited company. Should it become necessary to work in cooperation with the local water supply or utility companies, we will ensure you are kept fully informed of any disruption of supply which may affect property or business activities as well as endeavoring to minimise any disruption due to excavation work.

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