Chimney Repair & Refurbishment in Newcastle & North East

Chimney Repair & Refurbishment in Newcastle & North East

Roofing, Roof Repair & Roof Installation Services

Roofing, Roof Repair & Roof Installation Services

Chimneys have to put up with considerable wear and tear from harsh weather conditions, heating and cooling processes and condensation.

Our chimney repair and refurbishment service ensures that your chimney, and indeed your roof, stays in good shape and is fully functional at all times.


Chimneys are usually exposed and above the roofline of most properties taking the full impact of the weather and the changes in temperature. GC’s vastly experienced, qualified and skilled roofers can help your chimney withstand such conditions with a variety of repair and refurbishment options.
Our comprehensive services includes:

Chimney flashing repairs
Chimney pot repairs and refurbishment
Flue cleanings services
Chimney lining

We appreciate that no two chomney repair or refurbishment jobs will be the same so our chimney repair and refurb service is geared to each client’s individual requirements.


As one of Newcastle and the North East’s leading roofers, we have access to some of the best quality products and materials from some of the industry’s biggest names to guaranteed quality and reliability and value for money.

With this access to high quality materials, GC Roofing can provide comprehensive chimney repair and refurbishment that complement and fit in with your property’s exterior appearance and style. Whatever colour, style or size you need GC can provide the solution.

We would also recommend a regular maintenance programme to ensure that your chimney is safe, fully operational and effective at all times.

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